So, what is a Boot Camp?

Will Williams Uncategorised


Across the country there is personal trainers running Boot Camps all over the place. There are PT’s wearing army fatigues screaming and barking out orders to you as you roll around in the mud and there are PT’s that run their sessions by shouting and using whistles like some kind of early 90’s rave.
In Eastbourne we have our fair share too and some beautiful surroundings to accommodate them. For me Boot Camp is just a phrase I use that means group session. A group of like minded people that help to push and support each other in fitness.
If you’re looking to get in to something new don’t let words put you off, take the time to find out more information about Boot Camps and even the PT that delivers it. All PT’s have their own style that works for them and there is somebody for everybody.

Enjoy a fit and healthy life