Fitness for the ages

Will Williams Uncategorised


As we get older exercise becomes tougher, we can’t achieve what we did 5-10 years ago and it takes us longer to recover. But we certainly don’t have to give up and settle for more sedate forms of exercise.  People in general are getting into fitness more than ever as they get older, we are trying new things and discovering that we can turn our hand to most things with just a bit of modification.  The older fitness community are trying things such as Boxing, circuit training, boot camps, crossfit, power lifting, body building and running and doing fantastically well at all of them. These days we are expected  to work longer so why shouldn’t this be extended to exercise.
Exercise is all about you and what you can achieve, you don’t have to compare yourself with anybody else. Sure, you might not be able to train as often as you used to and you may need an extra day for recovery here and there but so what you are still being active and taking care of yourself.
Have a look about and find a class/session that suits you, embrace it and enjoy it but most of all have fun doing it!!

Happy fitness